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2012-07-18 Статьи
The increasing demand for power sources is pushing the world mining resource market to continuous extension and development. The Oil and Gas market, with its spreading dynamics, dictates the way and development conditions for successive progress of industry, initiating OCTG producers to optimization and unification of production technique and goods.

To meet the Oil and Gas market enquiries with its world’s due standard the newly-arranged OCTG production has been launched in Ukraine recently.

“Dniprovskiy Pipe Works”, LLC, (DPW), the entity that has been established in 2008 with its production facilities based at the military industrial area of Dniprovskiy Region has launched the production of Oil Country Tubular Goods – Tubing and Casing – specified to American Petroleum Institute (API) production standard as well as to Ukraine State Standard production specification (GOST).

HI-TECH production equipment from the world-brand suppliers ensures the production range for OCTG – seamless and welded – within dimension range from OD26.67 mm (1.050”) up to OD508 mm (20”) with its full compliance to national and world standard requirements.

The Quality Management System for “Dniprovskiy Pipe Works”, LLC, has been audited and proved with ISO 9001-2008 standard by TÜV Rheinland InterCert fromGermany. The API License No 5CT-1354 was awarded from American Petroleum Institute to “Dniprovskiy Pipe Works”, LLC, referred to the Quality Management System.

To follow national industrial policy inUkrainethe Quality Management System for “Dniprovskiy Pipe Works”, LLC, has been certified with Ukraine Certification System (UkrCEPRO) as well, according to standard specification DSTU ISO 9001:2009. Thereafter, the related Conformity Certificates have been awarded to DPW, LLC, to conform the produced tubes quality to GOST 632-80 and GOST 633-80 specifications. Within the RUSSIA FEDERATION GOST R CERTIFICATION SYSTEM the appropriate Conformity Certificates have been got to prove the quality of Casing and Tubing Pipe produced by DPW, LLC. Moreover, the Approval of FEDERAL SERVICE FOR ECOLOGY, TECHNOLOGICAL AND ATOMIC SURVEILLANCE inRussian Federationwas obtained to release DPW’s, LLC, products at theterritoryofRussian Federation.

Oil Country Tubular Goods List manufactured by “Dniprovskiy Pipe Works”, LLC

Casing Pipe:

- as per API Spec. 5CT/ Spec.5B /ISO 11960, Specification for Casing and Tubing
DimensionRange: from OD4 ½” (Ø 114.3 mm) up to OD20” (Ø 508 mm),
Grade: Н40/ J/K55 / N80 / L80 / P110,
Threading: STC; LTC; Buttress;
Length Specification – R1 / R2 / R3.

- as per GOSТ 632-80, Casing Pipe
DimensionRange: from OD114.3 mm up to OD508 mm;
Grade: «Д» / «К» / «Е» / «М»/ «Л»/ «Р»;
Threading: STC; OTTM; OTTG (gas-tough thread); Buttress.
Length Specification: from 6 up to 13 meter


- as per API Spec. 5CT/ Spec. 5B /ISO 11960, Specification for Casing and Tubing

DimensionRange: from 1.050” (OD 26.67 mm) up to 4 ½” (OD 114.3 mm);
Grade: J55 / N80 / L80 / P110;
Pipe Ends: NUE, EUE, IUE;
Threading: 8 TPI and 10 TPI;
Length Specification – R1 / R2 / R3.

- as per GOSТ 633-80, Tubing Pipe
DimensionRange: from OD 27 mm OD 114.3 mm;
Grade: «Д» / «К» / «Е» / «М»/ «Л»/ «Р»;
Pipe Ends: NUE, EUE, IUE; NKB and NKM (gas-tough connection, non-coupling and coupling connection respectively)

Length Specification: from 6 to 13 meter

The production monthly capacity of DPW, LLC, is rated for

- Casing Pipe to 3,000 MT;
- Tubing – up to 1,500 MT;
- Geology Drill Pipe – to 1,000MT.

For the clients we are following the rule for “Better service with less cost in soonest time”.

“Dniprovskiy Pipe Works”, LLC, is looking for a long-term cooperation partners and welcome to any cooperation offer.

Office No7, Yevpatoriyskaia str. No 40,
Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine,
ZIP 49049
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